I don’t understand.

“But black people kill each other all the time.” “It’s not about race, it’s about crooked cops”. “The media is trying to divide us”. “If he was white would you care?”

I seriously don’t understand these. I mean compare the history of police brutality.  I remember maybe three or four incidents of police killing a white person for unknown (no) reason and it is the worst of the worst. But there are hundreds of my people slain for no reason other than their color. You can’t seriously believe it is anything other than that. These men and women are supposed to uphold the law. To protect and serve. Mike Brown took shots before he pleaded for his life. People saw this happen. But what’s the defense? “Black on black crime”. But nobody mentions the Stop The Violence movements.  There are positive movements.  But nobody cares unless we get a little rowdy. Then they call us animals,  thugs, uneducated wastes. Obama is not a superhero for blacks, and everyone either wants him to say or do something but what can he do? How can America’s most hated individual do something, without backlash at least.  Let’s say he does something drastic to the cops in Ferguson.  White people will have a field day on his half black ass. Facts. They will most definitely assassinate or impeach him. 

There isn’t and will never be true justice.
Batman will not rescue us, but the real dark knights will be shot down at an early age before they can realize their true potential and life purpose.
Our future black presidents (or at least candidates) are being gunned down by the same people who claimed to protect them from any other harm.



Alone in a cold world. Our voices go unheard.  Just looking for love. But somehow that seems absurd. Why should anyone want to know who we are, care enough to hear us cry, listen to our dreams, and just see how far our passion drive us. All we wanted was an ear, a shoulder to lean on. Someone with understanding and can see how much we’ve grown. But yet we’re alone. Nobody even notices. Nobody seems care about how strong our focus is.
So they reject us. Shut us out for the norm. We don’t fit in here. It’s as if weren’t even born. Strangers to reality because we see so far ahead. Still our hearts are filled with forgiveness.  Because one day you have no choice but to witness


They us how to smile and how to dress. Just to get paid for a while in an environment full of stress. Or to attract a date they tell us what to say and what to think, mimick our own desires then collect our money from a shrink. The ladies in the magazines become the women of our dreams, but they have to stave just to make it by any means. Men better have abs and that pack better not be less than six, or pay a lady of the night and pray you don’t get sick. To the ladies with a little bit of flab, you still can that job, just in the back away from the staff. And to the men that may not be considered the apple of her eye, even if your are a man it’s ok to cry. Because it’s not our fault this is just how life is. Pawns in a game that’ll never be won, because rules are made to be broken,  if we fight then we shall overcome.

The World The Way I See It