They us how to smile and how to dress. Just to get paid for a while in an environment full of stress. Or to attract a date they tell us what to say and what to think, mimick our own desires then collect our money from a shrink. The ladies in the magazines become the women of our dreams, but they have to stave just to make it by any means. Men better have abs and that pack better not be less than six, or pay a lady of the night and pray you don’t get sick. To the ladies with a little bit of flab, you still can that job, just in the back away from the staff. And to the men that may not be considered the apple of her eye, even if your are a man it’s ok to cry. Because it’s not our fault this is just how life is. Pawns in a game that’ll never be won, because rules are made to be broken,  if we fight then we shall overcome.


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