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What makes you special

We lust over these girls with curves and long hair with some curls
A good head on her shoulders and teeth as white as pearls
They must cook must clean and good sex if we want to label them as perfect girls
But what do we have to offer, what gives us entry to their world
A clean car and weekly 9 to 5 check won’t cut it
If a night on the town just isn’t in your budget
What makes you special. From this beauty what makes you deserve a thing
How do you separate yourself from a joker and a King
The country boys think bug trucks, urban boys think it’s bling
But these girls have a mind so vast everything isn’t what it seems
So before you think it’s the size of what’s in your overpriced jeans
Remember it’s the size of your heart which causes no distraction no deceit can intervene.
No matter what they say these girls need love
It could be a forehead kiss, or a long lasting hug
A dinner date or watching the stars up above
What makes you special enough