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April is Poetry Month?

As a poet I’m ashamed I didn’t know this


Another Long Night

5:30 am.
Can’t sleep
Visions in my head
I want to be good enough
For anything
I want to make my family proud of me
I want my dad to look down at me and smile
I want to be good enough
I want to make something of myself
I love the life I have
But I want to make it better
I need to make it better
How do I make it better

A Look At The NBA Playoff Picture

CBS Detroit

TIM REYNOLDS, AP Basketball Writer

A look at where things stand in the NBA playoff picture, with two days remaining in the regular season and all 16 teams that will head to the postseason this weekend now having clinched their spots:



It’s coming into focus. Slowly.

Indiana will be the No. 1 seed, wrapping that up when Miami lost at Washington. So the Heat are the No. 2 seed, and Atlanta will play the Pacers starting this weekend.

Everything else? Who knows.

Toronto and Chicago will take the race for No. 3 down to the final day; the Raptors need a win or a Bulls loss to get that spot, with No. 4 going to the other club. Brooklyn can wrap up No. 5 with a win Tuesday. Washington has a chance at fifth, yet could finish No. 7. And Charlotte got a buzzer-beater win at Atlanta…

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